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Eloquent Massacre

The People Speak

Get mad, America, at this ethical chaos
      Two of your headlines Friday, "Libby ties Bush to Iraq leaks" and "U.S. won't seek seat on U.N. (Human Rights Council)" reminded me of the quote, "If you aren't enraged, you aren't paying attention."
      Scandal after scandal and a lack of ethical leadership are sinking us into a quagmire from which we may never recover. Peaceful, unrelending protests regarding our unethcal federal administration are in order. 
      We have many options - letters, phone calls, marches, monetary and time support of ethical candidates, etc. All can be effective, if used wisely.
      We have reason to be enraged. We have the responsibility to act. 
                                        -Dora Harrison, Flagstaff

Let's all march - for America
      I'm a native and 56-year resident of Phoenix.
      The best thing about Phoenix is that everyone is from somewhere else and no one group laid claim to it, so it was a diverse and happy town. Very little racial tension; lots of tolerance. I really hate to lose that feeling. 
       It's not us against them. It's just us. Regardless of our nationality or lack of it, we are all living and working together in one of the strongest economies in the world. Our diversity is out greatest achievement. Let's celebrate it. 
       Let's all take off work and march for America. 
                                               -Mark Saylors, Phoenix

2 solutions are obvious here
      There are two obvious ways to solve the problem with illegals coming over from Mexico:
       1. Steal Mexico from Mexico the same way we stole California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada from Mexico in the early 1800s under the "God Ordained Manifest Destiny" policy.
       2. Allow the illegals to come in and reoccupy the territory we previously stole from Mexico. Then the Native Americans can win the territory from the illegals in the casinos, and it will be back where it started. 
                                       -Donna Anderson, Phoenix

                    LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD

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